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Street, Portrait and Landscape Photography

"We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.”
- Ralph Hattersley

Jaymal is a landscape and fine art photographer based between the UK and Switzerland. His photographic journey began as one of personal introspection but became a shared journey with so many around him becoming inspired by his work and the message he was seeking to deliver with it and encouraging him to continue on the path. His work seeks to inspire conscious thought and self-reflection with his photographs serving as a visual meditation on the world around us.  

Through the use of long exposure, Jaymal's photographs draw time to a stand still and create a calmness and tranquility in our otherwise busy minds. Whilst he was not even planning to release work for public consumption, various requests from friends for prints led Jaymal to work hard on his craft and eventually resulted in two exhibitions in London from which the proceeds were donated to charity.